Vin Mazzaro wasn’t at his best last evening

Maybe Joe Posnanski is just acting off of raw emotion, but to be honest not really. He said what Vin Mazzaro did last night was have the worst pitching performance EVER.

The final line in what was the certain worst game of his career was 2 1/3 innings, 11 hits, 14 runs, all earned, three walks and two strikeouts.

The question I kept thinking about as I saw the numbers grow next to V. Mazzaro in last night’s box score was this: why in the world did Ned Yost leave his guy out there to take such abuse? He could have limited the damage or at least have spread it around a little bit.

Mazzaro was immediately sent down to AAA Omaha with a one way ticket after the game. There he will tell his tales of his time in the cathedral ballparks of the big leagues, to a safe place where he can poke different spots on his Ned Yost voodoo doll. And honestly, Yost has earned it.