Remember me? Benny Blanco from the Bronx?

Couple of things here, boys and girls. And yes I saw Justin Verlander close it down today–and knew he had it when he struck out a Rajai Davis (forever a footnote on the wrong side of a trivia question) who is riding the interstate as far as his batting average goes.

  • First, this is the second time this week that a post gets tagged with the ‘no-hitter’ category on this blog. This coming after two guys (Derek Lowe, Jaime Garcia) had bids last night fall just short, and today both Verlander and Yovani Gallardo carried no-hitters into the 8th, with only Verlander holding on to his. I knew one or the other would come home with it. I was right.
  • This is the second no-hitter that Verlander has thrown since I’ve had this blog. In between all that? Well he broke down and I predicted him to be Comeback Player of the Year before the 2009 season. Five more until you run down Nolan Ryan.
  • Verlander was throwing 102 in the 9th during his last no-hitter. I saw him hit 100 MPH today in the 9th a couple of times. That’s serious, serious ched.

It’s been a pretty epic little sports Saturday. The Derby, which I missed. A bunch of NBA games down to the wire, which I also missed. A 5-time Major winner in Golf passed away early this morning. Oh yea, and that shithead closer that pitches for the Reds finally reared his ugly head just as I was starting to like him.

Happy Saturday all.