The Andre Ethier streak has taken on a life of it’s own

Back on April the 2nd, Andre Ethier collected two hits in a 10-0 loss to the Giants. That night was the beginning of his 27-game hitting streak that has spanned into yesterday.

We love hitting streaks. We literally love everything about them. Yes, it helps that Ethier is on one of our most important fantasy teams; but really by this point anyone who has stretched their streak near thirty we’re perusing the box score every night to see what he did.

As with any streak, the media coverage gets out of control. The little mom and pop shop blogs start to write about it. Everything is watched under such intense scrutiny and the four at-bats a guy like Ethier gets each night on average seem to go by in the blink of an eye. You start to realize how damn hard it is to keep it going. We hit in about 11 or 13 games straight once. Anything longer seemed impossible. Ethier is some kind of locked in right now and he’s getting the hits early in games a lot of nights.

It could be over within a day or two, or this could last a while. Either way, it’s streaks like the one that Andre Ethier has going right now that make following the course of a big league season so great. And once you’ve got a 30-game hitting streak under your belt (most guy never have a 20 in their entire career) you enter a territory where you can no longer really mouth off about that guy not being able to hit. It’s like they enter a fraternity in which they’re at the very least a respectable professional hitter (Luis Castillo not withstanding, anymore).

We hope this ride Ethier is on continues for a while. Does he have what it takes to chase down Pete Rose?