Pirates looking to lock up Andrew Mccutchen for the long-haul

Andrew Mccutchen is definitely the type of young player that you head to the altar with if you’re the Pittsburgh Pirates. There was a day when we thought that Nate Mclouth was that guy, but he tricked us like a nasty temptress.

Cutch is that guy. And that’s fine by him.

“I’m willing to be here for my whole career,” McCutchen said Sunday at Coors Field. “I really love it in Pittsburgh. I love playing there. I love the city. I love how things are starting to turn around for us. That’s one of the things I feel that they know, and they have the same feeling I do. We’re very open to working something out, but we just want to make sure it’s something we want. That’s basically what we’re looking at right now.”

The most likely type of extension would be one that carries McCutchen through next season, plus his three arbitration years. He still would be eligible for free agency in 2016, based on his current status.

That’s not going to be the rest of his career, but it’s definitely a long-term contract in terms of the Pittsburgh Pirates usual course of business. Because like, getting them to cough up more than the minimum amount on a player nowadays or commit past arbitration with any type of good faith is asking a lot out of them. All signs are pointing to something getting done with this young beaut’ of a center fielder. And that’s good for baseball.