We interrupt your precious baseball season for the NFL Draft

The Reds have the day off. It’s one of those dreaded lightly-scheduled ‘travel days’ for the sport we call our favorite (and the only sport we truly know like we know ourselves).

Is it coincidental that the NFL Draft happens to fall on this night? We think not.

Last year we were flipping back and forth between baseball and the draft and then pretty much skipped watching the entire draft. The Reds were locked up with the Dodgers in a tight one and that took precedence. This year, we guess it will be nice to give one night in the spring to football.

I made my debut over at Monkeys Throwing Darts today, with a Mock Draft that’s sure to be further off than Kiper and Mcshay’s yearly mess. If you need a little primer, head over there and tell me how brutal my picks are. And if you’re planning on enjoying a few big boy pops for tonight’s main event, here’s an NFL Draft Drinking Game that will get you drunk.