Sergio Santos, a star is born

Because the Jay Bruce problem really is a problem, I feel I deserved this fantasy miracle that is Sergio Santos. Special hat tip goes out to @closernews on this one.

Every now and then you just get the feeling that someone is going to do the job at the Major League level and do it well. For me, this is going to be one of those guys. The guy is a stud. The stuff is good (14 K’s/5 walks), and the moxy is better. He went into Yankee Stadium and earned two clutch saves in ballgames that the Sox needed badly. That’s the kind of performances that put a stranglehold on the closer job in a city.

Santos said that he wanted to be the closer. Ozzie Guillen ranted like a proud papa, almost to the point of gushing, about his confidence.

In this challenging fantasy season that has been filled with a fun-house of injuries, slumps, and disappointments; Sergio Santos will remain a gleaming gift of the fantasy baseball lords.

Wind him up, and watch him save 40.

HT: Holy Lillibridge.