The Ride May be Over for Derek Jeter

My fiance might not like that I am making this post, but it needs to be done. Even more scary about it is I wasn’t crazy enough to take a flier Derek Jeter on any of my 6 various fantasy baseball teams and I’m still writing the post.

I saw a stat today that is somewhat concerning for Jetes and Yankee faithful. For every fly ball he hits, Jeter is grounding out 2.93 times. It is concerning more because it’s a regression even from when he led baseball with a 1.96/1 groundout-to-flyout ratio last season. His line drive rate is 13.6%, which is considerably lower than his 19.6% career average and down from his career low of 16.1% last year.

You have to hand it to Jeter and his agent trying to squeeze one last premiere contract out of the Yankees in the off-season before his hand was completely shown.

Jeter is hitting .219 on the season with no home runs and 4 RBI.

Indeed, the ride may be over. Whether or not Mrs. Diamond Hoggers wants to admit it.