Mike Leake charged with Theft from Macy’s

You know it’s funny because I’ve always had a really good judge of character. And I’ve always had a bad feeling about Mike Leake (you know, ever since he blocked me on twitter and since that day that I heard the story of him snubbing a bunch of little kids who were at Kings Island theme park only to see him. They only wanted an autograph from Leake.).

But this really is the icing on the cake of his young, 5+ ERA career.

The story says that Leake was booked into Hamilton County Justice Center. He was stopped by Macy’s employees for allegedly taking $59.88 worth of property from the store.

So let’s speculate. What did the juvenile Leake steal? Was it a bottle of cologne? A wrist watch? Perhaps it was a really nice sweater. All kinds of stuff can be found at Macy’s. It’s a great store.

Leake isn’t good enough to be pulling this kind of stuff. Hopefully the Reds give him one chance to get his act together and if he pulls anything else he’s gone. I have no clue why he was a first round pick, because on most nights he would just be better off throwing it in the gap.

Mike Leake, what a turd.