Throwing it around

By now, everyone has at least one in the books. Who will be the last undefeated team left in baseball? It seems that an interest is on high right now for our favorite sport. Here’s the notable reads from around the interwebs on the morning of the first glorious Saturday of the regular season:

-Albert Pujols grounded into three double plays on Opening Day. It doesn’t happen all that often. [Baseball Reference]
-More on the Giants fan who got mugged by several Dodgers fans on Opening Night. [Mercury News]
-Kila got one in walk off fashion to give the Royals their first win of the season. [Royals Review]
-Ichiro wants to be a Mariner into his 40’s. Good for baseball. [Sportspress Northwest]
-I’ve always told you guys that Jim Edmonds was a callous prick. []
-15 baseball songs better than Fogerty’s ‘Centerfield’. Lies. [Rolling Stone]
-Matt Holliday’s appendix will cost him 4 to 6 weeks. [Hardball Talk]