When Joey Votto homers in 2011; Joey Votto is ‘ordering a Venti’

It’s too bad Baseball Tonight and Sportscenter can’t piggyback off our idea here–because it’s going to be huge.

We don’t know exactly where it came from, but somehow we got wind that last year’s National League MVP was into fine gourmet coffee. And at this point, we don’t care what he’s interested in. He could be into midgets, 4chan, Magic the Gathering, whatever. I don’t give a shit about any of it so long as he keeps hitting .330 and plates over 100.

But make no mistake about it, he likes to sample some of the finer cups of java this world has to offer. Confirmed by multiple sources. We don’t not want to shy away from this. We would like to embrace it.

So when Joey Votto dismounts; when Joey Votto dials long distance; when Joey Votto, MVP, hits one into the seats this season, he’s not simply just homering. Joey Votto is ordering a Venti on your ass! And he wants extra foam! Don’t sprinkle cinamon or vanilla in there. Just give him the espresso, the foam, and a turtleneck! That’s how our MVP rolls. And he’s taking no prisoners in 2011.

If you use twitter, we can tag it #VottoGoesVenti about 42 times this season.

This is going to be fun. Let it catch fire. Follow me into the streets of Babylon, Diamond Hogger nation. Use what I have taught you and use it wisely.