Appetizer for the Main Course

Today is a great day folks. It’s not Opening Day, but it’s the final leg of the journey beforehand until we’ve made it. And these last few weeks fly by thanks to the kids of the NCAA and their last minute, storybook endings. It’s almost amazing how many last second finishes you will see in this tournament. There’s nothing else like it in sports. But it’s still secondary to MLB Opening Day, and if you frequent this blog I know I don’t have to tell you that.

We hope you’ve got your bracket filled out. If you want to play in one for free, you can join our bracket here. The password is ‘ncaa’. And we hope that you’ve got Ohio State in your Final Four. Not because we’re from Columbus, the heart of it all. But do yourself a favor, give yourself a chance. That team will sleepwalk into the Final Four.

And here’s a video from one of the greatest tournament moments of all time. Good old Bryce Drew playing for daddy Homer and hitting one of those miracle shots in the entire history of the tournament to win. And if you had Valpo going that deep in the tourney that year, you were probably the guy who ran the bracket like Kevin Dingle back in my 8th grade class. And you did your bracket in pencil, you cheating yellow dog. Oh and look at that, looks like you erased a few teams and wrote in Valpo. If you’re running a bracket this year, don’t be that guy.