A Big Week of Baseball Happenings

That’s the draft board for one of the fantasy leagues that I’m in this year. That team selecting 3rd with Lincecum, Soria, McCann, Johnson, Heyward and Greinke is me. This draft will be live and held in Canton on Saturday, March 19th. I’m pretty excited about it. But before that, a major test in store on Friday.

A bunch of bloggers got together and created a keeper league that has about 12 of the biggest heavyweights ever assembled in a group. I’ve got to definitely set aside some time this week to try and gameplan as best as I can, or it’s going to be a long night.

On next week’s Baseball Show podcast, we’ll be talking over fantasy draft primers as well as the results of our draft. It should serve as a pretty good appetizer for any of you out there who are fantasy players.

On Tuesday at midnight, MLB The Show ’11 comes out. So this Tuesday is MLB The Show Day here at Diamond Hoggers. We’ve got some goodies in store for you so stay tuned. Below is a video of what should be the greatest baseball video game ever.

Beyond all that, the season previews will continue this week and we’ll continue to correspond with our boy Franco as he wraps up and ties a bow on his trip down to Spring Training in Florida. Hopefully he gets his rest this week, he did one heck of a job providing us with the sights and sounds of Spring Training and then some!