Wily Mo Pena is ‘taking the focus off of home runs’

Last we heard of Wily Mo Pena, he was grinding it out in Washington trying to hold down a big league job. We’re thankful that he’s still just 29 and in camp with the Arizona Diamondbacks. We don’t think we’ve heard the last of Wily Mo Pena. Not by a longshot.

And according to this article today on AZcentral.com (along with the Facebook pic we found above), he’s taking the focus off home runs. I’ll say.

“(When I was younger), I would try to hit balls 600, 700 feet,” he said. “But whatever you do in BP, that’s what you do in the game. That’s something I’ve learned. If you take a 100-mph swing in BP, that’s what you do in the game.”

I was at the ballpark one night in Cincinnati when I am pretty sure I saw him hit one 700 feet. Realistically, it was probably about 450 to straight away left field and it landed somewhere deep in the bowels of the upper deck at Great American Ball Park and ended the game.

We wish you the best this spring Wily Mo. Keep that focus.