Pitchers and Catcher Report Rantorium

Has your favorite player reported to his respective big league camp yet? Don’t really know do you?

To us, for the first time in ages; it seemed like the whole cutting of the ribbon and allowing pitchers and catchers and other players to officially report to camp all bled together. We’re not really all that sure when it happened, and to be honest we fully expect to get some comments or an e-mail that it was this past Sunday or Monday. But no. We will not back down from it–this year it was more loosely interpreted than ever before.

So we really didn’t get together to do a celebratory post or anything of pitchers and catchers reporting. So here it is. The Grapefruit and Cactus league are the greatest fucking thing ever known to man. Honestly, my weekend was so lame last weekend I cannot even believe it.

It was so lame, that the highlight (and when I say ‘highlight’ I mean only in terms of excitement or climactic moments) of the weekend was walking outside of dinner on Saturday night at a mall and having a kid get shot up the street. Don’t judge, don’t think I’m a horrible person. It was a horrifying incident that ruined our night. But other than that, the weekend amounted to a whole lot of laying around, watching some NHL Hockey, and pretending to care about NCAA basketball.

Oh and some grocery shopping. Can’t ever forget that exciting event. And I was thisclose to being made to go to the Justin Bieber movie. And if that kid hadn’t of got shot on Saturday night thus delaying our departure from the mall, I would be telling you about what I thought of the Bieber movie.

The weekend was so boring I actually didn’t even give a shit about returning to work. Usually I try and hold onto the last few hours of Sunday like it’s my will to live. But this past Sunday it was like, ‘alright, whatever’. This week is more of the same. What am I looking forward to the week ending for? It’s not like there is anything to do this weekend other than definitely have to see the Bieber movie and exciting chores like laundry, cleaning the house, and moving the entertainment center in my bedroom that the lady has been begging me to do since last baseball season ended.

Hooray weekend!

I’ve got to hang on just a few more weeks and fantasy baseball will be here. March Madness will be here. And March Madness is a perfect bridge to the wonderful life that is baseball season. Life will be equally parts slow down and speed up again. And once I’m reminded what a terrible drag each and every February is; I’m cool with that.