In another life, hopefully we’ll be lucky enough to be locked in Camden Yards

I can count on one hand how many times I’ve been to Deadspin since they transitioned over to a slop blog format. But this time they’ve landed a story that is good enough for our time and your clicks.

This read involves every baseball fan’s dream scenario. Locked in Camden Yards for the evening with nothing to do but play. And as you would imagine these men were reduced back to adolescent stage, climbing the foul pole like it’s a damn jungle-gym and running wild of the place like an immaculate playground.

All day Saturday had been overcast with scattered rain showers. In addition, the weathermen were forecasting constant rain showers that evening during the game which was supposed to start at 7pm. Being the diehard fans that we are, we decided, what the hell. Let’s go to the game anyways and see what happens. We went to the stadium, purchased out tickets and found shelter in the left outfield lower level seats under the overhang. The game was delayed for a few hours, but we were content hanging out and drinking a few of the airplane bottles of rum we had snuck in. After about 45 minutes, the announcer came over the loudspeaker saying that the game had been postponed and would be made up at a later date.

At this point, most people had already left the stadium, but my buddy and I, realizing we still and a decent amount of liquor left, decided to chill in our seats until an usher came by and made us leave. After about 30 minutes, we realized that we were the only fans left in the stadium. After about an hour, we realized that we were the only people left in the ballpark. Immediately we realized that the ballpark was our playground. With a decent amount of liquid courage running though our bloodstreams we decided to leave our comfortable seats under the outfield canopy and go exploring. Feeling that we would immediately be caught as soon as we appeared near the outfield wall we were pretty cautious, but once we walked the entire left outfield, we felt pretty confident that we could get away with making a quick shimmy up the foul pole in left field….

Honestly, we’ve all had the thought to hide somewhere deep in the bowels of the upper outfield seats and have this happen to us as well. Haven’t we? Tell me that you too have fantasized about what these men lived out at Camden. We know we have.