One of these days, you’ll listen to us and learn

Remember recently when we broke down the Edinson Volquez situation for you? So when reports broke today that Volquez turned down a multi-year deal from the Reds, you shouldn’t have been surprised.

When it comes to baseball and the Reds: when we tell you it’s Easter, you best start coloring your eggs for Sunday.

We don’t need approved credentials or access into the locker room to know what’s really going on here. And the best possible thing if you want to see Volquez a Red beyond 2011 is for him to be around .500 with a 3.50 ERA. If he dominates, he’s gone. That would mean we traded Josh Hamilton for a few partial seasons of Volquez. And we would have been right again–that deal will never be a good one for the Reds. They now know it, it’s a virtual impossibility.

The only thing you can really hope for is Volquez wins 20, gets the Reds past Philadelphia this time around in the NLCS and goes Tim Lincecum in the World Series. And then he would be gone but at least we would have our title.

But no one should doubt it anymore. Volquez wants to get paid.