Time is running out for the Cardinals to sign Albert Pujols

This morning’s big story is that the Cardinals aren’t close on the whole Albert Pujols deal. Multiple reputable sources all around the web are reporting that it’s becoming ‘unlikely’ and ‘remote’ that a deal will be reached. Hopefully you saw our take on it a few weeks back.

To sum up the latest:

As the established best player in the game, Pujols is said to have been seeking a contract at least comparable to Alex Rodriguez’s 10-year, $275 million deal, and very likely more than that. People familiar with the talks told SI.com last month that the Cardinals were said to believe a deal for six years, or perhaps seven at the outset, was more reasonable for Pujols, who’s 31 years old.

Cardinals fans are playing it cool. They’re not worried. Yea right. Their true paranoia on this situation might be secondary to only last summer’s situation in the NBA with the Cavs and LeBron James. They’re afraid, and they should be.

But we’re not budging in this stand off. We don’t care what you read or what you hear. We don’t care that Buster Olney was on ESPN radio this morning saying that it’s not looking like it’s going to get done.

We still say that Pujols will never wear a uniform other than a Cardinals uniform.

It’s pro sports. Do you know how fluid and quickly situations change at that level? Faster than the speed of a minute hand on a clock.

Maybe the Cardinals really only have a week and counting to get something done. But that’s an eternity at the level of pro sports. Albert Pujols isn’t going anywhere.