The New Deadspin is Brutal

Have you seen the new Deadspin yet?

They’ve taken the greatest sports blog of all time that was an essential daily stop while at the office and made a visit into a painful experience. I don’t know what type of contraption that is, but it’s not a sports blog anymore.

I realize they’re the experts. They set the trends–and I’m sure you’ll see a whole group of sports blogs with these type of themes popping up now. But I really hate that they’ve taken their site in this direction.

A.J. Dualerio is a good dude. We have exchanged e-mails with him quite a few times. He’s always there to give you a link–or he was before Deadspin changed their culture on what they wrote about and how they wrote it. Will Leitch was a great dude. He loved baseball and was one of our favorite writers so it initially made Deadspin a daily stop all the way back in 2006. But now, I doubt I’ll be checking the site too much anymore. They’ve turned into a highly formatted TMZ in my eyes. And they don’t care. They’re always going to have a gazillion readers.

But as a guy who hates change it’s always sad to see something you enjoyed take a change forever. So goes life.