Texas Rangers looking to go short with Josh Hamilton’s next contract

Major League Baseball MVP’s haven’t had luck parlaying last year’s award winning seasons into multi-year deals.

Reports are that the Texas Rangers are talking about only a two year contract extension with Josh Hamilton.

Hamilton requested a $12 million salary following his MVP-winning season, while the Rangers submitted a figure of $8.7 million. The two sides have a hearing scheduled for February 14 if they can’t come to an agreement before then.

The reasoning for this is probably a little different reason than why the Cincinnati Reds didn’t lock up Joey Votto long-term. We think the reason is because of Hamilton’s history of injury and substance abuse. Look, the whole concept isn’t that far-fetched. He’s not that old. He’s a guy who you can definitely build around. But he’s looking more and more like a guy who is never going to get a long term contract from anyone.

Can you blame the Rangers for wanting to go relatively year to year with Hamilton? It’s two fold. It’s smart business if Hamilton were to get hurt or not continue putting up big numbers or even relapse. But it’s also bad because it might leave a sour taste in his mouth–that is if he desires long-term security.

I just wonder what has happened. I heard the rumors after his 2008 season of a long-term contract extension and there were rumors after this past monster season. It’s obvious the Rangers are wavering a little bit here. And it’s not like you really have to question why.

We like Josh Hamilton a whole lot. He’s a guy you want to see succeed and have things work out for. I hope the Rangers eventually find the reason to lock him up for a career. And I still hate the day the Reds dealt him for Edinson Volquez. I’m never going back on that.