Of course A-Rod was being fed popcorn by Cameron Diaz at the Super Bowl

I wanted to get this on the blog this morning before so many other blogs beat me to it.

Cameron Diaz fed Alex Rodriguez some popcorn last night and of course the cameras caught it while panning celebrities in the crowd. John Madden was texting, a former president was there, and there were numerous other celebrities caught for a few seconds taking in last night’s thrilling Super Bowl between the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Of course, the only guy being fed popcorn by his girlfriend of the month was A-Rod. He is that guy.

That’s why it’s a story, you see.

He’s just kind of; well, for lack of a better term. A Nancy-boy. A supremely talented diva third baseman. A guy who allows his blond bimbo girlfriend to feed him popcorn at the Super Bowl.

That’s why this blog is talking about it and that’s why so many other well reputed outlets have a post on it today. This is what Alex Rodriguez has become. He’s not in the cages creating blisters that bleed on his hands a month before Spring Training begins. He’s not bettering the world by any sort of act; nor is he seen at the Super Bowl with his two young kids who probably would have enjoyed being there. He’s there, unmarried and with a famous broad who hasn’t done a good movie in forever being fed popcorn.

That’s what kind of place-marker A-Rod is in our society right now. He’s running out of opportunity and innings to shake this as well.

I am so glad that my team didn’t have the money to sign this guy at any point. I can’t root for a guy like this.