Mickey Mantle’s fondest memories of Old Yankee Stadium (EXPLICIT)

After the jump, prepare to read Mickey Mantle’s most outstanding Yankee Stadium experience. It’s not exactly what you’d think. And do not read on if you’re easily offended.

A huge find by Letters of Note:

In 1972, four years after playing his last game for the team, the legendary Mickey Mantle was sent a letter by then-Vice-President of the New York Yankees, Bob Fishel, and asked to contribute to the Yankee Stadium’s¬†forthcoming 50th anniversary celebrations. All Mickey had to do was fill in the enclosed survey and share details of his “outstanding experience at Yankee Stadium.” Below is the letter, and Mantle’s surprising response.

Note: Both the letter and response seen below have been verified as true by biographer Jane Leavy, as reported by Snopes.

A couple of things here.

I love how he spelled “Bull pen” using two words, capitalizing the first. You have to like the crafty one liner he drops at the end. And most of all you love how he signs off “Mickey Mantle, *The All-American Boy”. Priceless.

Makes me want to dig up the crazy sumbitch and take him down to the bar and have a few with him right now. What it must have been like to know Mick.