We like Rob Neyer even more than we thought

Being in the Midwest blizzard of 2011 is giving me a lot more to read pretty much everything out there that is relevant in the baseball and sports world. This is relevant to whoever reads here because that equates to more posts.

One of today’s more significant reads was Rob Neyer’s first post at SB Nation.

I’m like Will Leitch in the fact that I have always dug Neyer a bit because he was all about baseball all the time. He’s one of ESPN MLB’s longest running internet voices. It’s funny because yesterday when Leitch pointed out that Neyer had been around since the days of espnet.sportszone.com back in 1997 I grinned a little about my first days on the internet seeing Neyer’s familiar mug on the page while using the dial up internet.

But now I’m learning that there is even more behind the guy than good, hardcore Bill James-esque writing.

Today’s post by him basically states that he isn’t any type of elitist and doesn’t see himself above anyone of any sort. He realizes more than a lot of his peers the role that the commenters, fans, and readers have in this whole thing.

Neyer seems like a really good guy. I wish I had read him more. I’ll continue to follow him as he writes on SB Nation. And speaking of SB Nation, they’re really starting to assemble the talent over there.

So many blogs, so many posts, so many writers, and so little time.