Wayne Kirby, just a “guy”

Before all Hell broke loose in 1995 and the Indians started ripping balls in the gaps and out of the ballpark every night; Wayne Kirby was actually considered a future cornerstone back when the franchise had no hope in the early 90s.

Then they realized he was a poor man’s Kenny Lofton–who was better served as being the “pie guy” and a designated pinch-runner. Yes, the pie guy. The guy who after the game comes out and hits the star who is being interviewed with a pie. Kirby was that kind of factor.

A look at his Wikipedia page will give you a glimpse of how mediocre he actually was:

  • 516 games
  • 302 hits
  • 14 home runs
  • 119 RBIs
  • 44 stolen bases
  • .252 batting average

Also as a “fast facts” segment on the page states:

  • As a member of the Indians, Kirby appeared in the 1995 World Series against the Atlanta Braves.
  • Younger brother is former NFL running back Terry Kirby.

A quick note for his mom, wife, or sister than entered that first bit onto his Wiki page. He did in fact play in that 1995 World Series. But he went 0 for 1. That at-bat was a strike out. While I’m sure you guys will never forget it, it wasn’t quite one of the more significant moments of the series.

He played with guys like Dave Otto (baseball’s only pitching palindrome), every great Cleveland Indians player from those mid 90’s teams, Delino Deshields, Todd Hollandsworth and Paul Konerko.

And his career year that he’ll tell his grand-kids about was without a doubt 1993, when he went off and homered six times and drove in 60 runs, stole 17 bags in 22 attempts, and scored 71 runs collecting 123 hits.

Wayne Kirby ladies and gentleman. If you exclude Alvaro Espinoza and Jim Poole; maybe the most ordinary member of the powerful mid-90’s Cleveland Indians.