The Baseball Show: HOF, Garza, Bryce Harper, Reds & White Sox


Last night on The Baseball Show, co-host Mike Rosenbaum from The Golden Sombrero and I were back at it with 2011’s first installment of the finest baseball podcast on the entire internet.

Let us enlighten you about the following topics:

  • We talk about the man (kind of), the myth, the legend…Bryce Harper. Could we see Harper in D.C. in 2011? Probably not, but we entertain the idea and suggest several hypothetical scenarios.
  • Who was the winner in the Matt Garza trade? We explore his concerning 2010 performance as well as assess the slew of prospects that were shipped off by the Cubs.

  • Like always, we dedicated some time to talking about our respective teams, the Cincinnati Reds and the Chicago White Sox. Clint explains what the signing of Edgar Renteria, Jeremy Hermida, and Fred Lewis means for the Reds, and also touches upon how the loss of Arthur Rhodes might affect the bullpen.
  • I discuss the White Sox decision to sign Will Ohman, and how his presence in the bullpen suggests that the South Siders have slotted Chris Sale as a starting pitcher.

As always, we hope that baseball fans far and wide enjoy our hardcore baseball talk about figures from the past, present and future.