Still not buying it

In a few months there will be another year of the most disappointing video game this side of the Madden series. MLB2k11 will be released with it’s yearly hoopla of a ‘$1 Million Dollar Challenge’. And soon thereafter it will be followed by people who want to pull their hair out and have the worst case of buyers guilt known to man.

Here’s a million dollar challenge for you: play this game without honestly telling me you hate it and hate everyone you come in contact with an hour after putting down the controller. I don’t know what’s going on when you play 2K sports wacky assed version of video game baseball; but it isn’t our great American’s pastime. It’s like nightmare baseball. Getting through a game is painful.

I’m not alone in my feelings. This game is complete dog shit and the best decision I ever made was to trade in my XBOX360, buy a Playstation 3 and MLB 10 The Show. It’s the greatest video game I’ve ever played.

Come March 11th, it’s time to go bonkers and play MLB 11 The Show until my eyes pop out. Please trust me on this: don’t buy 2k11. Don’t do that to yourself, your family or the pets you’ll want to kick when you’re finished with nine innings. Please for the love of God.