Moron who Hall of Fame balloted B.J. Surhoff is outed

Yesterday, we were bitching and moaning about the guy who decided to give B.J. Surhoff a vote to get into the MLB Hall of Fame. Today, we have found out who that guy is.

His name is Barry Stanton. And whether it was a vote based on some kind of principle or a cry for help in a mid-life crisis; it was still fucking insanity. B.J. Surhoff would have a hard time getting into the Hall of Pretty Good let alone the heavenly grounds of Cooperstown.

I might be a blogger. I might make grammatical errors. I don’t follow new-age stats like I should and I don’t always back up my facts with supporting statements that make my arguments as great as they appear in my head.

But I am more qualified to have a baseball Hall of Fame vote than Stanton. And I don’t care that he’s obviously covered baseball the required 10 consecutive years required to gain him this right.

Someday, I predict that good boy bloggers (maybe the big whigs like Craig Calcaterra, or some of the SweetSpot network guys) will get enough respect to maybe get a vote. By then, a lot of these ‘writers’ will be forced to cross over into the world of blogs anyway to keep their readers anyway. But the guys I know who have a baseball blog are true custodians of baseball. They’re the die-hards. We do this for free. We do it because we love it. And usually we are armed with a pretty knowledgeable conscious as to what is ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ in this great sport’s history and tradition.

But this isn’t about bloggers vs. writers. It’s just a simple point I’m trying to make that because you have covered the game for a long period of time at the professional level doesn’t necessarily qualify you to make good choices about something that is held in a very high regard as far as the game’s past and eternity will hold.

B.J. Surhoff. Guy spends most of his 19 year career hitting 6, 7, and 5 home runs a season and driving in 70ish and this guy wants to throw him in the Hall of Fame. Whoever this guy is–probably a reason we don’t know him better–good hire by ESPN.