Robby Alomar, Bert Blyleven head for the Hall of Fame

Roberto Alomar (90%) and Bert Blyleven (79.7%) have been elected to the Hall of Fame by the voters. Blyleven and Alomar will become the 294th and 295th members of the Hall of Fame, respectively.

As for the top two guys in the vote, I didn’t see a lot of Blyleven in my day but I certainly remember Roberto Alomar’s greatness on the playing field with the Blue Jays, the Orioles and the Indians. I’m fine with him getting in the Hall of Fame. He’s definitely a Hall of Fame talent when you factor in he was a great offensive player and clutch hitter as well as maybe the best defensive second baseman of all time.

Barry Larkin came in 3rd, getting around 62% of the vote. I started getting texts that ‘next year’ is the year that our former shortstop gets in. Yes, and no. It’s encouraging that he tallied that high of a vote but at the same time it is possible that he hangs around a while in the high 60’s range. The class also dilutes a little bit after this year so it might give Larkin a good chance at sneaking in. It’s by no means open and shut though.

On and by the way: who are the two bums who voted for B.J. Surhoff for the HALL OF FRIGGIN FAME? You’re telling me that there are four schlups who call themselves writers for this great game who voted that Marquis Grissom deserved to get in the Hall of Fame and I’m not worthy of a vote along with several other hundred die hard fans who write about baseball on the internet? We’re talking about Marquis Grissom here. How dare they disgrace the heavenly grounds of the Hall of Fame by trying to vote in Grissom and Surhoff for Gods sweet sakes.

Raffy Palmeiro got 11% of the vote and Mark McGwire got around 19%. Jeff Bagwell checked in around 41.7% and Don Mattingly at 13.6% to round out the notables.