Someone tell Tony Rasmus that his son is big time now

You see Tony, we don’t doubt that you know baseball. I know there are people who are not paid by some faction of Major League Baseball who know it just as well. But we’re once again talking about this dad of a Major League player trying to meddle in affairs that are handled by guys who have been in the game for years.

Tony your son is at the big time now. This isn’t like showing up and sitting in the high school gym hitting room to make sure your boy gets his pitches to hit.

You think Larry Walker’s daddy ever tried to tell Don Baylor how to handle his sonny?

“I’m curious to see this new hitting style at work. What they’re telling me is Colby most likely won’t hit 10 jacks this year but will be more consistent. I’m told that he will look alot like Jon Jay without all the pre swing motion. More like the Skip Schumaker and Jay stuff to left field. IT will be curious to watch.”

Tony, you really need to watch less. Much less. It will be good for you, and it will be good for your Punch and Judy son. Trust us.

The Cardinal Nation via Hardball Talk.

Throwing it around

It’s a glorious Friday morning. Jay Bruce will be a Red for at least 6 more years and possibly 7.Today’s a great day to be alive. A Friday, good sports programs on this weekend (hoping the Heisman goes to Cam Newton). And Christmas break looms ahead.

-The Reds had an interest in Jason Bartlett. [Mark My Words]
-We didn’t get a chance to talk a lot about the Carl Crawford deal, but this post is a good summation of the 7-year deal and how we feel. [ESPN SweetSpot]
-Rays fans are bittersweet over losing the face of their franchise. [Baseball Musings]
-FanGraphs breaks down the Jay Bruce extension. [FanGraphs]
-Jayson Stark says the Cardinals have 10 weeks to extend Albert Pujols. [ESPN]
-The Konerko re-signing in ChiTown makes Mike Rosenbaum happy. [The Golden Sombrero]
-Reds are likely to sign Joey Votto to a shorter term deal than Jay Bruce. [MLB Trade Rumors] First real snowstorm expected in Ohio this weekend.

Goodbye, Rapid Robert

One of the greatest Cleveland sports figures of all-time has passed away. Bob Feller is dead at age 92.

This is a sad story–Cleveland loses another sports hero–and one that would have never forsaken or left the city behind. Feller played for 18 years and struck out nearly 3,000 hitters in an Indians uniform and won 266 ballgames.

Heaven just gained a Helluva fastball.

via Golden Sombrero.

UPDATE: Feller is not dead yet. Morning Journal report was incorrect.

Get to know the Baseball Bloggers Alliance

Yesterday was Baseball Bloggers Alliance (BBA) Day. And with that, we present to you an interview with the head of the Baseball Bloggers Alliance Chapter, Daniel Shoptaw.

Daniel’s (and many, many others) hard work is responsible for bringing together 230 of the best Major League Baseball blogs on the internet. The chapter really is a network of baseball fans who help eachother out in various ways and communicate often through a series of e-mail chains. The strength of the chapter benefits every member.

I just recently completed my BBA Hall of Fame ballot, which is just one of many neat things that we baseball bloggers ‘get together’ and do as a chapter. We also voted on the postseason awards.

Most recently, a chapter member provided us with a free iPhone app that links each of the blogs that are part of the BBA. Celebrate BBA day with a trip to the website. You’ll definitely find something that you like.

Reds make Jay Bruce the face of the Franchise

ESPN’s Jerry Crasnick has reported that the Cincinnati Reds have signed Jay Bruce to a 6-year, $51 million dollar extension. The deal could be worth $63 million dollars and a club optional 7th year.

This is obviously one of the happier posts that we’ve made on this blog during the almost four years we’ve maintained it. It’s a win-win deal for both the club and the player, and it mirrors the deal that Justin Upton signed before last season.

Jay Bruce is a class act, and we’re very happy that he’s going to be in Cincinnati for the foreseeable future. In a quiet offseason, this has been the big move that we hoped for and now the Reds finally have a guy to truly build around through good times and bad.

If you’ve watched Bruce play on any number of nights, he’s more than worth every single penny.

DH Video Select: Frank Thomas’ first Major League At-Bat

It’s the off-season, so to pass the time we’ll be doing a lot more Diamond Hoggers Video Select. A random video (baseball or non-baseball) that entertains or delights.

Today’s clip is absolutely legendary. I’m just glad there was a human being out there with a videotape that day at Old Comiskey with a video camera that day.

There’s a story to go with it, as told by the YouTuber, ‘PADREJOHN’:
This was Frank’s first game/at bat in the Majors. I had met him the day before on a flight from Atlanta to Milwaukee. While on the flight I wanted to know if the Brewers were in town so I went up to first class to get a paper and saw him reading the sports section. I asked him if he knew if the Brewers were in town. He said “yes they are, I’m playing in the game tomorrow.” “It’s my first game, my name is Frank Thomas.” I had never heard of him, so I shook his hand and said good luck. He signed my magazine, and I went back to coach. Wow I met a future hall of famer 19 years ago and didn’t even know it. Notice Sammy Sosa on deck pre-steroid days!

I always enjoy watching home footage from sporting events from the 80’s and 90’s. If you grew up around my era, then you’ll probably be entertained by this short clip.

"We've had zero conversations with agents or clubs today."

That’s right, nothing.

I’m a Major League General Manager. I’m at the Winter Meetings where seemingly everyone is improving their ball club in some shape or fashion. And I’m going to use these few days to get caught up on the crosswords in the NY Times.

I know that’s kind of like going to the grocery store with no intent to even look at the produce or buy household items that you’re out of stock on. It’s about as irresponsible as going to an Auto Zone or Jiffy Lube when you’re five months overdue for an oil change, and letting them know that you’re “all good”.

You want Jose Reyes? You want B.J. Upton? You want to know what it would take to get Matt Kemp? Tough. You’ll get nothing and like it, Reds fans.

Want me to get something done with Arthur Rhodes? Well I would, but the Red Sox and Phillies have beaten me to the punch.

Besides, I’m still struggling with 9 down and 17 across on this crossword. You mind helping me?

The Baseball Show: Please don’t trade Gordon Beckham

Tonight on The Baseball Show, co-host Mike Rosenbaum of The Golden Sombrero and I have a relatively short show. As always, we bring the solid and hardcore baseball talk for your enjoyment.

Topics of discussion:
-Jayson Werth’s new contract
-Thoughts on Cliff Lee
-Mike’s thoughts on the White Sox offering Gordon Beckham for Adrian Gonzalez
-Reaction to the Prince Fielder rumors
-Who is the safest man in baseball (in terms of being traded)?
-Have we seen the last of Garry Sheffield and Manny Ramirez?

Throwing it around

The Winter Meetings are underway and the Holiday season is upon us. It’s getting cold outside, and baseball is only being played at the farthest reaches of the earth. We keep the fire burning here all off season long. Here’s some links to hold you over until the weather breaks:

-Rockies manager Jim Tracy collapsed at the winter meetings. [USA Today Gameon]
-The Pirates are signing Kevin Correia. [Bucs Dugout]
-Mike Cameron is giving #23 to Adrian Gonzalez in Boston. [NESN]
-The Red Sox are interested in signing Magglio Ordonez. [Red Sox Monster]
-J.C. Bradbury defends the Jayson Werth deal. [Sabernomics]
-It could be just me, but I’m not liking Joey Votto’s tone one bit. []
-Is Chipper Jones the elephant in the room in Atlanta? [Capitol Avenue Club]

Winter Meetings Wonderland

The MLB Winter Meetings are underway–where all of baseball’s big wheelers and dealers get together to discuss which parts from their respective squads are available and also identify which parts they need.

It’s exciting in a sense because there is a flurry of activity, henceforth:
-Mark Reynolds being traded to the Orioles.
-The Brewers picked up Shaun Marcum from the Blue Jays.
-A handful of teams are sniffing around Zach Greinke.
-The Reds are fielding calls about Yonder Alonso.
Josh Willingham is on the block.
-Is Carlos Gonzalez on the verge of a monster extension?

MLB Network is broadcasting live from the Winter Meetings as we speak. I can’t wait to get home and bang out a few games of MLB 10 The Show. The only problem is with all this activity those rosters are now obsolete!

A Video of the Cincinnati Bearcats mascot acting like an ass

Because we cover a Cincinnati sport, it’s our duty to show you this. And Cincinnati sports fans, fear not. The Reds will be back in a few short months to rescue you from irrelevant Bengals and Bearcats football.

Aparently, the Bearcat was arrested and replaced at halftime with another warm body.

At the 1:14 mark, “what are you guys going to do, put this on the internet?”


The Baseball Show touches on the mental aspects & more

Today on The Baseball Show, co-host Mike Rosenbaum of The Golden Sombrero and I go for about an hour and half about the following topics:

* Adam Dunn: Clint’s favorite player and the White Sox new 1B/DH

* A.J. Pierzynski, Paul Konerko, and the Chicago White Sox

* The great career of Andruw Jones and what could have been…

* Adrian Gonzalez; the newest member of the Boston Red Sox

* Mariano Rivera, Jonathan Papelbon, and the Oakland A’s development of closer. Discussion about how the closer is a ‘movable part’ on most teams much like in fantasy baseball.

* We weave in the always-rare Joe Borowski name drop

* Troy Tulowitzki’s ginormous contract – we approve.

* What kind of extension Joey Votto might command and more on the Cincinnati Reds

* Miguel Tejada and the San Francisco Giants cluttered infield

* Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera’s contracts

* Shot in the dark: Javier Vazquez, Dontrelle Willis

* We share memories of the legendary Ron Santo.

* Jon Miller and Joe Morgan are gone; we like the potential the new crew: Orel Hershiser, Bobby Valentine, and Dan Shulman

There is a ton more on this track. As always the digression is where you find the hidden gems.