2010: Best Of

Every year on the Holidays shows like Saturday Night Live or fill in the blank with whatever show you’re into skips out on running a new episode and decides to run a ‘Best Of’ show. And I was personally always alright with that.

So while you’re downing some sauerkraut or recovering from your champagne hangover or calling a friend to bail you out of jail–whatever–we’ve got some goodies for you

In the spirit of reflection and the year gone by we present to you the best of 2010 at Diamond Hoggers–or at least the best stuff we can track down via the archives.

The Reds signing of Aroldis Chapman

The first ever episode of The Baseball Show

On Cincinnati Radio talking a little Spring Training baseball

Homer Bailey readies himself for Spring Training

Ripping the MLB2k video game series

The Baseball Show welcomes C. Trent Rosecrans from CBS Sportsline

Snubbed by the Reds in our quest to talk to Jay Bruce

Jeff Pearlman stops by The Baseball Show

God we love Opening Day

Attending our 6th straight Opening Day in Cincinnati

Jason Heyward – Stud

The Reds go into St. Louis and get after it

We love Jim Day

Memorial Day 2010

We commence a third annual Jay Bruce Day

Jay Bruce goes out and homers on Jay Bruce Day

Armando Galaragga narrowly misses history

Goodbye, Kenny Griff

Maybe my favorite Jay Bruce moment–game winning HR off Roy Halladay

Addicted to MLB The Show like it’s a drug

Chilling with Arthur Rhodes

Jay Bruce slumping and it nearly killed us

Steven Strasburg live and in person

Jay Bruce hits three home runs in one game
(Thanks to MLB Advanced Media for taking down our videos)

Paul Keels ladies and gentleman

Joey Votto on a Sports Illustrated cover

Saw the Reds take over 1st place for good

Having a feeling that Jay Bruce is going to be pretty damn good

The Clinch

Dusty Baker has some fun

Labor Day 2010

End of summer 2010

Batting Stance Guy on The Baseball Show

Matt Sosnick on The Baseball Show

Hardest moment of being a sports fan in my lifetime

Reds lock up Jay Bruce long-term

There’s a lot more that we probably forgot about. But this is a pretty good look back on the year that was in a snap shot. And we have shit to do. It’s the new year, folks.