Throwing it around

Just a couple more days left to log some posts in 2010. It’s hard to believe that another year has come and gone. BIG ANOUNCEMENT FOR THE DAY: I was looking at the 2011 schedule and the Reds play at St. Louis on April 24th and at Atlanta on May 29th on Sunday Night Baseball. The team is also scheduled to play on FOX Saturday baseball something like 9 times. God, I love winning a little bit. This 2011 season is going to be the greatest season in the history of man. And in just 91 days, Opening Day is here. And we’ll be there. And here’s some links to hold you over. Stay thirsty my friends.

-Bobby Jenks feels he was disrespected by the White Sox. [Hardball Talk]
-Garrett Wittels, the kid with the long NCAA hitting streak has been charged with rape in the Bahamas. [Hall of Very Good]
-The Yankees are shopping through the bottom of the barrel. [It’s About the Money]
-Know Freddie Freeman better. [Capitol Avenue Club]
-Have you seen the Tim Lincecum SI cover yet? [The Golden Sombrero]
-A great post on old J.R. Richard, and what might have been. [Seamheads]
-Another Opening Day/Weekend programming note. [Vin Scully is my Homeboy]
-Steroids keeping Raffy Palmeiro out of Cooperstown? And this is news? [USA Today Daily Pitch]