Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Diamond Hoggers

When I was a kid growing up, these bad boys were pretty much always at the top of my Christmas list. You see Eric Davis above there? By the time that my parents and I finally tracked him down–he was in his second stint with the Reds. The Eric Davis Kenner Starting Lineup figure was a next to impossible find in our neck of the woods.

I’ll also never forget when I got the Brett Favre rookie edition Starting Lineup from my dear old grandparents. One of the greatest, most magical gifts I ever got as a kid. I wish I still had it and hadn’t traded it to some lucky guy on the internet for a Kerry Collins rookie. But the memory cannot be pried from me.

I hope that everyone who read this blog in the past year has a wonderful Christmas and remembers what the holiday is really about. And it might mean something different to everyone. But take a few moments to be thankful for a gift you’ve already been given in your life no simple how it may be.

Merry Christmas to our readers. Thank you for your continued support of Diamond Hoggers.