Get to know the Baseball Bloggers Alliance

Yesterday was Baseball Bloggers Alliance (BBA) Day. And with that, we present to you an interview with the head of the Baseball Bloggers Alliance Chapter, Daniel Shoptaw.

Daniel’s (and many, many others) hard work is responsible for bringing together 230 of the best Major League Baseball blogs on the internet. The chapter really is a network of baseball fans who help eachother out in various ways and communicate often through a series of e-mail chains. The strength of the chapter benefits every member.

I just recently completed my BBA Hall of Fame ballot, which is just one of many neat things that we baseball bloggers ‘get together’ and do as a chapter. We also voted on the postseason awards.

Most recently, a chapter member provided us with a free iPhone app that links each of the blogs that are part of the BBA. Celebrate BBA day with a trip to the website. You’ll definitely find something that you like.