DH Video Select: Frank Thomas’ first Major League At-Bat

It’s the off-season, so to pass the time we’ll be doing a lot more Diamond Hoggers Video Select. A random video (baseball or non-baseball) that entertains or delights.

Today’s clip is absolutely legendary. I’m just glad there was a human being out there with a videotape that day at Old Comiskey with a video camera that day.

There’s a story to go with it, as told by the YouTuber, ‘PADREJOHN’:
This was Frank’s first game/at bat in the Majors. I had met him the day before on a flight from Atlanta to Milwaukee. While on the flight I wanted to know if the Brewers were in town so I went up to first class to get a paper and saw him reading the sports section. I asked him if he knew if the Brewers were in town. He said “yes they are, I’m playing in the game tomorrow.” “It’s my first game, my name is Frank Thomas.” I had never heard of him, so I shook his hand and said good luck. He signed my magazine, and I went back to coach. Wow I met a future hall of famer 19 years ago and didn’t even know it. Notice Sammy Sosa on deck pre-steroid days!

I always enjoy watching home footage from sporting events from the 80’s and 90’s. If you grew up around my era, then you’ll probably be entertained by this short clip.