"We've had zero conversations with agents or clubs today."

That’s right, nothing.

I’m a Major League General Manager. I’m at the Winter Meetings where seemingly everyone is improving their ball club in some shape or fashion. And I’m going to use these few days to get caught up on the crosswords in the NY Times.

I know that’s kind of like going to the grocery store with no intent to even look at the produce or buy household items that you’re out of stock on. It’s about as irresponsible as going to an Auto Zone or Jiffy Lube when you’re five months overdue for an oil change, and letting them know that you’re “all good”.

You want Jose Reyes? You want B.J. Upton? You want to know what it would take to get Matt Kemp? Tough. You’ll get nothing and like it, Reds fans.

Want me to get something done with Arthur Rhodes? Well I would, but the Red Sox and Phillies have beaten me to the punch.

Besides, I’m still struggling with 9 down and 17 across on this crossword. You mind helping me?