The Tulowitzski deal makes sense to me

The Colorado Rockies gave their shortstop a deal that will keep him for lifetime today. It was a 7-year, $134 million dollar deal that will keep Troy Tulowitzski in the Mile High City until 2020.

While the deal didn’t make sense to everyone, it made complete sense to me. I love it.

I think it’s a good deal. It’s win/win for both sides. And hopefully the Cincinnati Reds are taking note. I understand why you build around a guy at age 25 who is at a premium position who is of MVP caliber–and barring an on-field injury–is probable to have Hall of Fame numbers from the position.

Tom Tango agrees that it’s a good deal. There’s plenty of wiggle room for changing the assumptions, as Tom dutifully notes; but the point remains. When you consider the full range of possible outcomes, the Rockies and Tulo seem to have found a reasonable middle ground.

I’ve said it again and again. If you don’t commit and build around someone, then you’re really not giving your organization or fan base any direction. A deal like this gives an entire organization a basis to operate. It sends a message. It says that through all good times and all storms, this is our guy.