Reds haven’t reached out to Jay Bruce for extension

We’re told that the Reds haven’t “mentioned a word” thus far in regards to the long-term deal that Jay Bruce is open to having done. If you remember, before the guys like HardballTalk and our boy at Mark Sheldon broke the story–we broke the story on The Baseball Show.

The Reds moved awfully quickly on Aroldis Chapman. They’re sounding like they’re at the feet of Joey Votto to get him to re-sign long term. So why not Jay Bruce? In our opinion he makes more sense than any of these players in terms of age, signability, and the amount of good mojo it would get going in the fan base.

So Jocketty, please listen to us. Get this deal done. Please. There is no reason not to at this point. Do what the Rockies did, locking up a player heading into his prime that is sure reach his full potential barring injuries.

If you let him hit so much as one of his 500 home runs elsewhere, the mob will be out with pitchforks! Now get it done in time for Christmas!

UPDATE: John Fay reports that Jocketty has been in contact with Jay Bruce’s agent about a long-term contract. This is very odd and conflicting.