Your 2010 National League MVP is Joey Votto

Joey Votto had a season in 2010 that was for the ages. And now, he’s won the National League’s version of Best in Show. The highest acclaim. Our first baseman is a superstar, and he’s the 2010 National League MVP.

And it wasn’t even close.

Votto wins the award by receiving 31 of 32 1st place votes. He finishes “slightly” ahead of Albert Pujols and Carlos Gonzalez. He batted .369 with a 1.129 OPS with runners in scoring position and .370 with a 1.138 OPS in “close and late” situations. He defined everything and anything that a Most Valuable Player should be this past season. He was extremely dominant, and there was no same way to get him out twice.

I had the opportunity to watch Votto time and again this season live and in person. The guy seemed to homer every time I was at the ball park. I can’t tell you the exact words or phrase that describes what it is like to be able to buy your ticket, go through the turnstiles and go watch an MVP whenever you feel like. But I can tell you that multiple times this season I knew when I saw him–that is exactly what I was seeing. It was greatness and poetry in motion all in one at the same time.

No matter how long you watch the game of baseball, you’ll never forget Joey Votto’s 2010. That’s how you know it was a special year.

Given his age and the ballpark that he plays in, you have to wonder not if Votto wins another MVP award but how many.

It’s refreshing and exciting to know that a guy who plays first base in the little baseball heaven that is Cincinnati could also be a guy who takes MVP awards away from the Great Pujols.

Congratulations, Joey. You were deserving and you will be great on the throne. Here’s to another 2011 just like it.

  • No doubt Votto was a worthy choice for MVP but the 31 of 32 first place votes over Pujols I find to be (and there is no exagerating here)…an ABSOLUTE disgrace) At the very least its nice to see a lot of the writers are admitting Votto got their vote because of his "teams finish" and not his stats. Like I said Votto is great but for me Pujols is the greatest player I have ever seen. This year wasnt his best year but still he had no help while Vottos Reds were the best hitting team in the NL for avg. Skip Schumaker and Brendan Ryan couldnt start for my neighborhood little league team. Thanks Steph for showing me the site!PS. If Jay Bruce puts it all together he can hit 50 bombs a yr…i like him. Dont like Votto…or Phillips…or Derek Jeter thinking he is worth more than Babe Ruth..and im a Yankee fan

  • Awesome site by the way.

  • Thanks Dave! I appreciate it!