The Baseball Show: Hotstove Edition

Today on The Baseball Show, co-host Mike Rosenbaum of The Golden Sombrero and I went strong for a little over an hour. Topics for discussion included but weren’t limited to:

-Thoughts on the Justin Upton trade rumors
-We skim through the free agent class and the moves that have taken place thus far around baseball
-Thoughts on the NL Rookie of the Year
-Thoughts on Felix Hernandez winning the AL Cy Young Award
-Final thoughts on the AL/NL MVP awards

  • Nice podcast. I agree on King Felix and Upton segment…disagree on MVP as I already mentioned but respect the opinions of you two and the other 31 writers who voted for Votto. Joe Strauss was only one who voted for Pujols haha. Poor Albert. You guys also touched on Rookies of the Year and just wanted to mention I got a Neftali Feliz TRIPLE THREADS autograph relic card out of pack the other day. I since have put it into a glass case and slept with it ever since haha. Love that fireballer!