How to destory a franchise: Trade Justin Upton

This is incompetence at it’s finest at the Major League Level. And I can’t believe it. The Diamondbacks are trying to trade Justin Upton just for the sake of trying to trade him. And everyone seemingly has a hard on and is sniffing around the budding 23 year old superstar.

Kevin towers, you stupid piece of rat shit, you. Who do you think you’re out smarting on this one? If this trade goes down, I don’t care how many mega-prospects or blue chips you get in return. The loser is the team who trades away Justin Upton; and it’s for multiple reasons.

A bird in the hand is better than two in the bush. You don’t trade away a guy like this so he can go to another franchise and put up Hall of Fame numbers. You don’t trade him for eight high level prospects because none of them are ever sure to be what Upton already is becoming.

Most of all, it’s just poor business.

You want to promote stability as an organization, especially when you’re an organization that has hired and fired a young manager in A.J. Hinch and an organization that just needs some level of commitment or direction.

I truly hope that Upton stays in Arizona for the next ten years. Seeing young home grown talent that was drafted #1 overall like him go to another big league city to see a larger market team prosper would be more turmoil in the sport I love.

I know Kevin Towers is a dolt. I know the guy has made countless moves finding scavenger pitchers who panned out; but if you trade Justin Upton you’re not making the decision of a professional. You’re a dipshit that made a move you will never be able to live down. This is horrible.

Honestly, if they trade Upton they really should pack up shop and leave town in the middle of the night in a couple of U-Hauls. They’re done as a franchise if this happens, mark my words.