Yeah, the Rawlings Gold Glove is Dead to us

Shane Victorino, Carlos Gonzalez, and Micheal Bourne huh? That’s who is worthy of your award?

Well Bourne I actually agree with. But the other two were just kind of, given out. Jay Bruce is a better outfielder than both of those guys. What a load of horse shit.

Thank you, Joe Lemire:

While the Reds may have received two Gold Gloves they shouldn’t have at second base and third base, they were snubbed in the outfield. Bruce was a superior defender all year along — except for one memorable gaffe in the postseason, but votes are due before the playoffs begin,so his costly NLDS Game 2 error against the Phillies didn’t hurt. He had a 20.2 UZR and a +25. The Phillies’ Victorino had a 2.6 and a +3 but won his third straight Gold Glove.

The other outfielder with a gripe was Torres, who, like Gonzalez, rotated through three spots. But while Torres excelled at all three with a UZR of at least 6.3 and a Plus/Minus of +6 at each — for combined scores of 21.2 and +20 — Gonzalez was only good in leftfield. He had combined scores of -2.7 and -5 for his play in all three outfield spots.

Bourn’s second Gold Glove was well deserved, as he led all NL center fielders with a 17.6 UZR and +23 Plus/Minus.

I’m done you hear me? Done. This joke award; which is more crooked than student council elections in a sixth grade class, will never again be mentioned on this blog.