The Baseball Show: MLB Agent Matt Sosnick


Tonight on The Baseball Show, Matt Sosnick from Sosnick & Cobbe Sports Agency joined Co-Host Mike Rosenbaum of The Golden Sombrero and myself as a guest.

Topics discussed included the rise and fall of Dontrelle Willis, sports agency as a profession, Matt’s experiences in Major League Baseball, stories about his clients, Josh Willingham and Ricky Nolasco’s off-season contract negotiations, why Adam Dunn can’t find a permanent home, and a lot of interesting stuff in between.

The best part of the show is when we discussed Jay Bruce. If you’ve read this blog in any length; you know we love Jay Bruce because of not only the player that he is but the person that he is and the way he carries himself as well.

Matt goes into detail about Jay, and we talk about the off-season contract negotiations between the Reds and Jay Bruce.

Matt says that Jay Bruce would like to be a Cincinnati Red for as long as possible, and that it’s only up to the Reds and Walt Jocketty to make a multi-year deal happen. Mentioned as a starting point by Matt was the contract that Justin Upton signed this past off-season as a fair basis.

The key points in doing this deal would be the same thing that we’ve been saying all along (with a ton of other Reds fans). Jay Bruce is a 23 year old who plays a premium position in right field and has Gold Glove caliber defense. Aside from the fact that Jay’s career is just starting; from a business standpoint the only way that Jay doesn’t reach his full potential (what could be a 500-600 home run career) is by injury. From a character standpoint, Matt speaks on the fact that Jay is as fine of a person as he’s ever represented.

As I told Matt, in my history of being a Reds fan I can never remember a player that the fan base was more insistent upon the organization locking up long-term. Do the right thing Mr. Jocketty.