Thoughts before NLCS Game 2 in Philly

I had to give you something before first pitch tonight. Just over three hours away on this Friday is Game Two of the NLDS.

My thoughts are first off; nerves. I want this game tonight. I need it for my well-being. I probably want it too badly. I love this group. I’m not ready for the end. The uncertainty an off-season brings. The grind up another mountain to get back here.

I want now. I want something. I want a piece to at least take home. Winning tonight would ensure that. I’m not a guy who thinks this Reds team has what it takes to win it all, but I do think they can play with Philadelphia. If that makes me a homer who was looking through red-colored glasses, then so be it.

I didn’t think they’d really beat Roy Halladay before Game one the other night. I genuinely didn’t believe. I genuinely think that Bunny Arroyo throws one of the finest games of his Reds career in a big spot and the Reds get their taste of postseason success.

I just want the ride to last as long as possible. And I want the offense to open up and get these guys some playoff tabulations of some type.

I love this group, and I hope they fight and find a way tonight. I’ll be watching from afar.

On another note this is so cool to see (our boy):

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