Reds no-hit in historic NLDS Game 1 vs. Philadelphia

The Reds postseason drought is over, but it seems like you can barely count this game as ending much of a drought.

Roy Halladay was a Jay Bruce walk away from going 27 up, and 27 down. I could do like I usually do and post all kinds of links, and even in a regular loss I would have done that. But I’m not going to do that.

I have no problem in saying it was one of the finest performances I’ve ever seen on the pitchers mound. It came against my favorite team, in the postseason. There’s not a lot else you can say. I’m not going to hang my head, and I’m not going to act like it’s more than it was. It was one game to begin a postseason series.

I still love my boys. This is part of the journey. There will be brighter days. I know from my time playing this great game that this happens on a given day. They went up against a guy throwing 6 or 7 pitches for strikes on both sides of the plate. There isn’t a lot you can do and your chances are mathematically eliminated when a guy doesn’t make a mistake.

There are a lot of songs I thought of that fit for this team after game one. I almost went with REO Speedwagon, but I’ll probably save that for elimination. This Blink 182 song really fits well with where this young Reds team is at. This is all part of the big picture. This was part of destiny. There will be a brighter day. This taught some of these young guys a lesson to witness it and be part of it. But there will be a brighter day.