Throwing it around: NLDS Reds/Phils version

With the big game looming tomorrow evening, here’s some links from the day that you either need to read, or that I didn’t want to lose in case I want to go back and remember that this series was at one point tied.

-A preview of NLDS game one. [FanGraphs]
-10 numbers for Phillies-Reds. [Big League Stew]
-Workout day photos from Philly. [Better off Red]
-Previewing the starting eight. [Redleg Nation]
-Five good questions with a Phillies blogger. [Red Reporter]
-Transcript from Dusty Baker’s press conference today. [Better off Red]
-Stats & info on the series. [ESPN]
-Coverage on the Reds rally on the square. [Better off Red]
-Reds vs. Phillies in the playoffs, then and now. []
-Why the Reds will win or lose. [USA Today Daily Pitch]
-The changes made at Great American for the postseason. [KY Post]