Throwing it around

Today is the day. This blog started almost four years ago; and we’ve been waiting since then. Waiting since we were kids. The Reds play October playoff baseball. Take a deep breath and think about that for a minute.

-Key to the series is the Reds offense. [Ken Rosenthal] says Phillies in three. [Sports Illustrated]
-Little Timmy Kurkjian on Coco Cordero’s struggles. [ESPN]
-A scout’s report. [USA Today]
-Here’s how every Red was acquired. []
-Five things the Reds need to do to win the LDS. [Red Reporter]

  • As a Cardinal fan, I just want to say good luck. I like the way the Reds play and am a big fan of about 85% of their roster. Plus, who really likes the Phillies? Go Redlegs.

  • ps…..For what it's worth, I really enjoy this sight too. Great job.

  • site….I'm an idiot. I'll go away now.

  • Redrocker- thank you very much. Hopefully we represent the NL Central with the class the Cardinals have over the years. I appreciate your comment, your praise and support for the Reds. Stop by often.