It's October Again

Can you believe that another baseball season has came and passed us by? It’s funny how six months come and go so quickly every year. But when you’re in the middle of things it seems at times to some like it’s dragging.

If you look outside this weekend, the final weekend of the regular season where 22 Major League teams pack up shop and head home for the winter, you’ll see footballs being tossed and bonfires being prepared. Hot chocolate sales are up. You even will want to get that windbreaker out if you’re going to be playing any golf.

And our wonderful baseball season has came and gone.

Not much to say other than thanks for every reader who stopped by the blog in this season, the fourth full season that we’ve covered baseball here on Diamond Hoggers. Every year goes too fast and we don’t have the time or man hours to throw up as many posts as we’d like. But rest assured, we were here enjoying every single step of this 2010 season like you were–hardcore baseball fan. And there’s even odds that we’ll be back doing the same thing come Opening Day 2011.

And for those of you who were lucky enough to have a team make the postseason (FINALLY US CINCINNATI FANS!) then you’re not quite done reading the story yet. You can read forward. Like a high school coach told me one time in regards to the playoffs upon me and my boys having to split the conference title; with tears in my eyes….

“It’s a second season.”