We interrupt MLB content to point out LeBron whining about race

Anytime someone who is as tone-deaf as LeBron James puts their foot in their mouth as much as LeBron James does, we’re going to have to make a post and call him out.

Most hated, classless, foolish, Benedict Arnold sports figure of my lifetime. And he’s going to blame race as the culprit.

God, this parallels wrestling and the NWO more than one would think, when Hulk Hogan blamed the fans. Again, have a look-see:

LeBron, you went to the dark-side by your own merit. You and your band of hanger-on’s were the ones who thought it would be a good idea to turn on your hometown (oh, sorry. I’ve since heard some of your boys say that ‘Cleveland isn’t your hometown’ in damage recovery).

Just take your talents and your douchebag, ‘I fold during crunch-time’, air-dribbling in strip club act down to Miami and disappear until you grow old. I hope you blow out both knees the next time you step on hardwood, you boner.

Why do so many people play the race card when they face adversity?