Dusty Baker signs 3-year extension with Reds

National syndicates are running with it now. It won’t be long now–as is often the case after you see that happening.

But Hal McCoy breaks the story, and we can honestly let out an exhale of worry now that Dusty Baker is coming back for three years.

Cincinnati Reds manager Dusty Baker will be back next season, armed with a new multi-year contract – probably a three-year extension.

The deal could be announced before the Reds begin postseason play next mid-week for the first time in 15 years, but more likely after postseason play is completed.

This is great in a lot of ways. Dusty gets an opportunity for a happy ending. An opportunity to get that elusive World Series title before he retires. And he gets to see things through with his young boys. His young players who he’s become very much attached to.

My one fear–as far as this team competing for years to come–would be they would have to replace Baker and find a new manager to mesh with these young guys. What many outsiders don’t realize is that Dusty Baker has shed the reputation of being a veterans manager and has adapted. He’s become a father-like figure to many of these young guys.

I love Dusty Baker. He’s the perfect manager and perfect man for these Cincinnati Reds. He’s a good man, a leader of a group of good young guys in this game. Here’s to seeing it through and three more years that trump your first three, King Dusty.