Maybe the best complete look back on the Reds season

AT SOME POINT, YOU REALIZED THIS WOULD HAPPEN. “A baseball season takes a long time. We count down the days to pitchers and catchers, then to the arrival of the other players in spring training, then to the exhibition games, then to Opening Day. The time from the beginning of spring training to Opening Day is an eternity in itself. Then the season begins….a 162 game, up and down rollercoaster ride of emotional highs and bang your head on the table lows. And man, it takes a long time. By the time it ends, it gets hard to remember details about how it began. You might have to think hard to remember that Aaron Harang started Opening Day. You probably forgot that it took more than two weeks for a starting pitcher to pick up a win. Micah Owings had two wins and Mike Lincoln had one before any other Reds starter had posted a victory. Drew Stubbs was a leadoff hitter when the season started, but not in the first game. That honor belonged to Chris Dickerson.” [Mo Egger]