At least no one died

Seriously, look at that lineup today.

Bloomquist 9
Valaika 4
Alonso 3
Francisco 5
Heisey 8
Nix 7
Janish 6
Miller 2
Cueto 1

We told you Dusty was going to have some fun with the lineup. At least BP didn’t get arrested or end up with any kind of alcohol poisoning. The best part is that he was drinking Budweiser last night as he talked to Jeff Piecoro. First night drinking booze, and it’s Bud heavy. Well done Brandon.

But back to that starting 9!This is where Dusty really loves to get tricky. I mean look at that fucking lineup! He hit Bloomquist lead-off! I love it! In true Dusty fashion, he hits the first baseman 3rd and the 3rd baseman 4th!

It reminds me of when my college coach would throw the JV squad in there because he was pissed off at the A-tier guys. We’d go out and we would lose because it felt like the scrubs were in.

You want to make money tonight? Bet against the Reds who will still be favored.